Methodologies for IT Organization

An Environment Under a Methodological Work Scheme A work environment under a methodological scheme solidifies the way to achieve objectives. For this reason, we want to delve into one of the methodologies implemented in the IT area to strengthen, control, and ensure compliance within the organization. Analysis of the Context Where the Need for an […]

The Importance of Learning to Program Computers

In a world where new technologies and information are increasingly omnipresent and growing in importance in our daily lives, it’s curious that the educational system in many countries does not teach computer programming, at least at a basic level. It’s almost like living in a library without knowing how to read or write. Today, most […]

Systems Plan, What is it? Does it really exist?

Many times, the term “Systems Plan” is mentioned, but how many companies actually have a Systems Plan? In this brief note, we will try to explain what a Systems Plan is, its characteristics, what it should include, and what are the most common mistakes we can encounter. Definitions of a Systems Plan We often come […]