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The Importance of Learning to Program Computers

In a world where new technologies and information are increasingly omnipresent and growing in importance in our daily lives, it’s curious that the educational system in many countries does not teach computer programming, at least at a basic level. It’s almost like living in a library without knowing how to read or write.

Today, most of the best jobs for young people come from the tech sector, so it would be important to prepare our kids for what the world needs, demands, and is willing to pay well for. Strange, isn’t it?

Clearly, this phenomenon demonstrates how difficult it is for us to adapt to changes, especially in institutions as conservative as educational ones.

To illustrate this concept, I share with you this video of some very relevant people in the tech world, where they explain how important learning to program was for each of them and how it is something that anyone, with normal dedication, can learn and do very creative work through technology.

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